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A Leads Machine? Oh yes, LinkedIn!

I once heard Zig Ziglar, the great sales motivator, quote a McGraw-Hill study from 1982 that said it costs a company $178 to make an average sales call. That’s an astounding figure! Zig’s research also found that it took an average of 5.2 sales calls to make a sale.

Do you believe it should cost you nearly $1,000 per prospect to make a sale? Of course not. That’s where LinkedIn lead generation comes in!

Come on people! How lazy can you be?

Remember the days of growing a business with radio, yellow pages, and phone calls? How do entrepreneurs do it today, you ask? It’s simple: Facebook Lead Ads! 

In the past, customer interaction began with either a call or a direct prospect visit. Selling was a different art where skilled sellers could ask leading questions and build a strong case for a customer purchase. Well, today it’s just ridiculous as finding your prospect is automated. Facebook Lead Ads ROCK!

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