Can You Build a Superbrand with Social Media?

Social Marketing Association Member Success Profiles:

Kimber Graser, Owner, Piper Finn and Trent Farnes, CEO, and co-founder, Social Stance Media

It’s a great outcome when two members of the Social Marketing Association have been collaborating. Here’s the story of their success and how SMA/CMA members can benefit from their experience.

Instagram is potentially the most important social media platform right now – you get the benefits of the best of all social networking platforms in one. From posts to stories to IGTV, there is ample variety of promotional avenues for brands. 

Stories on Instagram can drive the highest engagement for a brand. They are beneficial for product placement, bringing viewers and followers on a journey, and having the ability to say “Swipe up!”.  Linking here can push subscribers and buyers off of the platform and into the brand’s CRM, where real value grows.

10K is the way

It’s common knowledge that you need 10K followers on Instagram to get the “Swipe up” functionality. Let’s call this the first level of Instagram marketing success.  

At this point, collaborations and partnerships with similar brand influencers can seriously impact growth. You now have the opportunity to share swipe-ups and audiences to accelerate expansion.. What’s next? 

It’s easy to drool over influencers with millions of followers. So what’s the goal? For every brand niche, we’ve discovered there’s an ideal threshold where bigger influencers and brands become peers and begin collaborations.  We call this “Superbrand” status.

When 150K doesn’t cut it

Kimber Graser, owner of Piper Finn, a children’s footwear brand, had her own challenges with brand growth. She said that “surprisingly when we were at 150K followers we felt like we were at a threshold. We were still a small company to larger brands and they weren’t interested in collaborating with us.”  

Today at 300K she states “once we passed 250K, we passed the point where bigger brand promotional partnerships came together.” Today, Piper Finn is a “Superbrand” on Instagram.

So how did they gain the additional 100K followers when their follower rate was slowing? Their current strategy wasn’t working –  “we could spend $300 a day to maybe get 200 followers with Instagram ads,” Kimber noted. 

At that point, Kimber decided to participate in a social growth promotion from a Utah company, Social Stance Media.  She reminisced, stating “I was super hesitant at first, but I knew celebrities’ audiences aligned with my target audience and I wanted to take a gamble on it. I remember getting on Instagram the day the giveaway launched and being overwhelmed with my new followers. Notification after notification, not even a second would go by without getting another new follower. I was blown away by the results. That week after the giveaway, our weekly site visitors were up by 30{a883f6eefc1a1b374c3abfc47202e6d9f8bdd0cf63268ff2ac8243efd59c042e}.” 

Get there faster

Many social media gurus  outline the core steps to building a successful follower base and how to use Instagram advertising.  Kimber noted a “3-1 advantage” over Instagram ads with social growth promotion. She pointed out that a percentage of followers do fall off after a promotion – however, she’s quick to engage the new followers to increase retention, and ensure “high value still remains.”

Trent Farnes, CEO of Social Stance Media, noted that clients like Kimber are common. “They come back monthly, as they’ve figured out the best strategy to make celebrity and cultural icon promotions succeed.”   

“Through influencer giveaways, brands drive fast follower growth from a targeted audience.  In addition to gaining new followers, Social Stance has a bonus entry, where people opt-in with their name and email address, which brands leverage. This way, there’s a double-exposure opportunity to increase value, offsetting any post-promotion follower drop-off.”

The idea of a social growth promotions could potentially support our membership and we’re here to support and keep you informed!

Mentorships for members only

Trent Farnes has offered to lend his expertise to our membership. 
As a Certified Expert in Instagram Growth, Trent is offering 20-minute consulting sessions to members of the Social Marketing Association for a limited time only. Apply here.

Kimber Graser, the owner of Piper Finn, has offered to support consumer brands giving an opportunity to discuss social media promotion and advertising strategies. She’s also open to potential partnerships if your brand has synergies with Piper Finn’s target market: Premium kids products.