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How to Become a LinkedIn Thought Leader

LinkedIn “thought leaders” are people who are seen as experts in their fields who have valuable opinions about their industry. They have the ability to gain influence, build brands, and become figures in their niches on LinkedIn. A thought leader can reach 675 million users from over 200 countries. However, earning this status is not an easy task. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered eight valuable tips to help you build brand awareness, cultivate professional relationships, and generate quality leads by becoming a LinkedIn thought leader.

8 Tips for Becoming a LinkedIn Thought Leader

1. Post quality content

Your content should reflect the expertise of your company and educate your audience. While there are many ways to accomplish this, the most simple way to create valuable content is to listen to your audience! Look around on the platform and see what people are having trouble with and the questions they are asking. Then, center your posts around answering these queries. You can take your content a step further and ensure posts reach your desired audience by using Targeted or Sponsored Updates. 

2. Create concise videos

The average LinkedIn user spends 17 minutes on the site per month compared to Facebook’s 1,400 minutes. Therefore, you need your content to pop up quickly during those few precious minutes. Compelling, short, concise, and easily understood videos are most efficient at conveying information in a way that is engaging and easy to digest. Videos are more likely to be shared since they get 39% more engagement compared to text-only posts!

If you have updates you want to share, adding real-time info to your LinkedIn Story can keep your customers in the loop! 

3. Be Open and Responsive

Marketers assume that people will click, comment, and engage – but the real key is engaging back! Distributing spam promotions without follow-up interactions lacks reciprocity, thus creating a lack of engagement. Use posts to spark discussions, respond to comments, and ask for feedback. Furthermore, encourage your audience to give their opinion on subjects you want to learn more about to expand your reach on LinkedIn. 

4. End Your Post with a Call to Action

The ultimate goal on any social platform is to move the user from the page to your website. However, you can’t get this job done without a compelling call to action (CTA). Don’t forget to include a CTA, such as “Read the free report” or “Subscribe to our mailing list” and offer customers something of value in return.

In addition, check out these awesome call-to-action examples for some inspiration!

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg has come up with spot-on messaging that creates a compelling call-to-action. The company’s marketing method shows why trying their product is risk-free. In addition, the ad uses simple language and lists several reasons as to why customers should try this company’s product.


Use language and vernacular that your customer is familiar with. If you do, this tactic can humanize your brand, create a deeper bond with clients, and increase your chances of becoming a LinkedIn thought leader. 


By using friendly and approachable language, you can keep your site personable and avoid selling at people. Instead, you should try talking to them. 

5. Make Use of Analytics 

LinkedIn provides useful insights into how many people are viewing each post, the length of its life, and reader demographics. Therefore, invest time into studying your analytics – it’s worth it! They will help you optimize your posting and content strategy, helping you maximize your benefits from LinkedIn!

6. Use Hashtags to Discovered

It’s been over a decade since the hashtag symbol “#” made its social media debut. Despite their age, hashtags are still a critical part of building a brand on social media – but in a slightly different way. By doing plenty of research, you can learn to use them effectively. Furthermore, experts suggest up to three industry or business-related hashtags can do the trick for boosting your LinkedIn presence! 

However, being a thought leader on LinkedIn doesn’t just mean throwing out as many hashtags as possible. Instead, choose specific tags to help your business increase engagement and earn more traffic. 

7. Stay Updated

With all of the changes that LinkedIn has undergone over its lifespan, there’s a lot to keep up with! Therefore, take some time to read and analyze each LinkedIn update and learn how the platform has changed. Stay in the loop about changes on the platform, adjust your strategy accordingly, and alter your tactics so you can continue creating growth as a LinkedIn thought leader.

8. Share Articles – and Don’t Forget to Comment on Them!

As always, sharing is caring. Whether from Harvard Business Review, Forbes, or another friendly company on LinkedIn, sharing personalized articles will enhance your business. Moreover, adding a contribution to someone else’s ideas shows how they fit with your business and moral values. Don’t be one of those people who constantly post annoying and self-promotional content. Make sure your LinkedIn presence truly reflects the value and uniqueness of your brand.

Finally, not being up-to-date isn’t tolerated on social media. Certified.Expert’s LinkedIn Professional Course will provide you with all of the tactics and updates you need to captivate your audience and grow as a LinkedIn thought leader! Get started today!

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