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Avoid These 13 Mistakes on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is as professional as it gets when compared to other social media platforms. Unfortunately, this means that your LinkedIn audience will be much less forgiving of mistakes. We all know that the first impression is everything. Hence, errors often cost you potential business opportunities and damage your credibility. 

Avoid These 13 LinkedIn Mistakes at All Costs

Mistake 1: Automatically Connecting with Everyone 

A random audience is a waste of time and effort. You don’t want to cultivate cold leads or damage your reputation by connecting with anyone and everyone. Instead, choose your friends wisely to avoid committing one of the worst LinkedIn mistakes! 

Mistake 2: Aggressive Selling

LinkedIn is not a platform for sales pitches. Instead, it’s a two-way street that enables you to connect with your audience, learn more about your ideal customer, and enhance your brand by educating your audience. Shameless, direct selling will only close doors.

Mistake 3: Never Moving the Conversation Offline

LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B sales. After you have made a valuable connection, you can proceed to convert the lead to a buying customer. Next, move the conversation to a personalized setting to avoid making one of the costliest LinkedIn mistakes: lack of follow-up

LinkedIn mistakes

Mistake #4 – Having a Boring Headline

Headlines are what make the user either read your content or continue scrolling. They need to be catchy, infused with your own brand’s personality, and have character. Hence, writing a mundane subject line or generalized headline is one of the worst LinkedIn mistakes. 

Mistake #5 – Large Chunks of Text

Make your content more digestible by breaking it into small paragraphs and using visual aids.

Mistake #6 – Spammy Posts

Keep your feed fresh with original content. On LinkedIn, quality always outperforms quantity.

Mistake #7 – Amateurish Photos

A captivating photo can make or break your post. Invest time into taking or choosing content photos that represent your message and brand.

The right photo can make or break your LinkedIn post!

Mistake #8: Underestimating the Importance of a Cover Image

Details matter – having a cover photo that matches your overall marketing tone shows that you pay attention to your brand identity. Similarly, avoid using a simple and generic photo like a screensaver as your LinkedIn cover image. 

Mistake #9 – Having a Flimsy Summary

Failing to provide information about your company and its services or products results in zero credibility for your business. If potential clients don’t understand your product and the value it provides, they won’t engage with your brand.

Mistake #10No Recommendations

Having no recommendations means that you don’t have any customers who like your offerings enough to vouch for your business.

LinkedIn Recommendations are your virtual fan club of satisfied customers and employers!

Mistake #11 – Not Personalizing Your URL

If you don’t bother changing the automatic URL LinkedIn has given you, your potential customers will have trouble finding you. Instead, make your URL clear, expressive, and easy to remember.

Mistake #12 – Lack of Engagement

A company that doesn’t reply back to its customers’ comments is an example of poor customer service. Since people decide what to buy based on what they see online, this could severely damage your sales. 

And finally…

Mistake #13 – No Personalization

Finding the right balance between being professional and showing your brand’s personality is key! You need to show your customers what differentiates you from your competitors. Never underestimate the power of the ‘human touch’.

Obviously, the same rules of the physical world also apply on LinkedIn, i.e. don’t be disrespectful – but that’s just common sense. For more tactics on how to make the most of LinkedIn while keeping your credibility intact, our LinkedIn Professional Course has got you covered!

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