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How to Attract an Audience with LinkedIn Headlines

People have less engagement time on LinkedIn compared to other social media platforms. This means you need to make your content POP for it to be seen! 

Make Your Headline STAND OUT!

A compelling headline makes the difference between a user who stops to read your content, and one who keeps scrolling. We already know what content to post on Facebook, but no one is completely sure when it comes to LinkedIn. Therefore, this aspect of the platform confuses a lot of users. If you do it right, however, you will achieve higher engagement, attract quality leads, and build a brand on the world’s biggest professional platform!

The types of effective headlines can be grouped as: (click the links to see examples of each type!)

List posts (21 Ways to…)

How-to posts

Resource posts (Beginner’s Guide to…)

Emotion-evoking posts

Question posts

Here are a few rules to keep in mind when writing your next LinkedIn headline:

1. Keep it Simple 

Let’s use Twitter as a successful case study on simplicity. Like LinkedIn, Twitter is a less-used social platform that people either love or hate. In a world filled with advertisements and promotions, Twitter’s simplicity does the trick. More content isn’t always better content – LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals, so your audience will appreciate you getting to the point concisely.

Modern marketing is all about images, visuals, and enhancements of plain text. Unfortunately, this has led to over-saturation – quantity has replaced quality. If you have quality information, avoid shameless promotions by using clear titles that reflect the content. This way, you can balance it with visual aids to enhance the information. 

2. Don’t do sales pitches – not even subtle ones!

Sales-pitch posts prevent you from being authentic. Remember, LinkedIn is not a place for pitching. It’s a platform for connecting with potential clients and other business professionals in your niche!

3. Be Personable 

You want your headline to combine your unique value proposition with a hint of your brand’s personality. Try to evoke emotion by drawing correlations between yourself and the users. Make each character count!

The new age of social marketing is all about selling to the individual and making your audience feel special!

4. Make it Eye-Catching! Replace the automatic thumbnail with your own image.

By canceling out the automatic, stock thumbnail, you can add an image separately. This allows the image to appear full size in your update and increases the odds of a user viewing your page. Additionally, you can use animated photos like GIFs to express your point in a meaningful way. 

GIFs have become an integral part of internet culture – there are GIFs for almost anything!

You can even use Buffer, which gives you access to Giphy, one of the largest GIF libraries online. Using GIFs is free, so feel ‘free’ to use them to enhance your brand’s virtual presence!

Growing on LinkedIn is all about getting people to read your content and inspiring them to engage in a discussion. However, you need to show your customers that you, and only you, have the answers to their questions! Your headlines must reflect that message. 

Written words are much more powerful than spoken ones. They hold evidence of every major accomplishment we have made as humans. So, if you want to attract quality leads, you need to master the art of writing compelling LinkedIn headlines. Fortunately, Certified.Expert’s LinkedIn Professional Marketer Course is here to help! Get started today!

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