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LinkedIn Stories 101 – The Guide to LinkedIn’s Secret Feature

Everyone has heard of Instagram stories by now. They are little snippets of your daily life that are too casual to warrant a formal post. These sneak-peeks help you humanize your page and increase user interactions.

However, chances are you haven’t heard of LinkedIn Stories yet. What is this latest marketing ploy? More importantly, what does this mean for your LinkedIn strategy?

What Are LinkedIn Stories?

LinkedIn Stories are easy, engaging, and fun!

LinkedIn Stories is a concept in the testing phase at LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best site for fostering company communication and scoring potential business leads. The platform allows potential customers and employees to interact with a brand by communicating, giving feedback, and contributing to conversations.

Although it is still unconfirmed how the new Stories feature will appear on your LinkedIn feed, the premise is to increase conversations on the platform. By allowing brands to add a fun and exciting inside look into their lives, their audience can see another side of someone’s business or personal profile. 

Hasn’t LinkedIn Tried This Before?

You’re right – kind of. LinkedIn tested a version of Linkedin stories solely directed at university students. This feature, called “Student Voices,” was only for college students in the United States, limiting who could post and the desired target audience. 

LinkedIn stories

Despite the Stories feature not becoming permanent, LinkedIn has noticed the evolution of social media over the last decade. The platform’s executives saw how Instagram users started post less on their feeds and engaging more with shorter content. 

Noticing this downward trend in posting frequency, LinkedIn determined the best way to keep consumers and potential customers engaged is to introduce the Stories feature. Let’s see how this new feature can integrate with your marketing strategy: 

How to Use LinkedIn Stories in Your Marketing Plan 

Share Event Updates

People want to stay updated about what’s going on around them, happening in their niche, and influencing their interests. LinkedIn stories only have a short lifespan, similar to that of Instagram and Snapchat. Therefore, this makes it the perfect medium to share casual and spontaneous content (like behind-the-scenes of a live event, for example)! 

You can create extra attention around a specific event or online seminar by posting updates on your Story. In addition, you can share additional information and set reminders for people who view your content. Stories can also be a great way to explain a little about an upcoming event without giving it all away. Above all, you want to use Stories to make your potential attendees and customers excited about the event!

Encourage Thought Leaders to Give Tips

As you know by now, LinkedIn is a huge platform for business professionals. Therefore, you can scope for new employees, search for a dream job, or connect with like-minded individuals in your niche. The addition of LinkedIn Stories is a great way to show everyone on the platform that you ARE indeed a thought leader in your niche!

Providing some details and information that isn’t widely known can show your expertise and drive engagement. Ensure you make your new content digestible by keeping it simple, dynamic, and easy to understand!

Share Business Announcements

Suppose you’re interested in trying out this new marketing feature on your LinkedIn platform. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that using this technology can significantly increase your airtime. It can also boost engagement and interactions with your desired audience. 

Keeping this in mind, sharing brand updates, important announcements, and new content on your Stories is a great way to keep your customers engaged. Furthermore, it can educate consumers about the latest and best developments in your business. Keeping everyone in the loop provides a sense of loyalty to your dedicated audience.

Host a Q&A Session

You see this a lot on Instagram and TikTok – businesses or influencers will host a ‘Live’ Q&A session or make a TikTok post that can be replied to by their audience. 

Once their content is posted, or during a live stream, users will ask questions about the topic at hand. Asking questions encourages people to interact since you will be casually talking to your desired customers.

LinkedIn Stories show a more authentic side to you as a person and as a business. Hosting Q&A stories can help provide extra information, build brand loyalty, and foster deeper connections with your audience. Therefore, you will be able to improve your customer relations.

Highlight Personal Achievements

No one likes a braggart. However, showing what you’ve accomplished with your brand can encourage others to give your business a chance. After all, the whole point of LinkedIn is to discreetly brag about why your business is better than the competitor’s! To do this, you can highlight a promotion, award, article, or new connection with a successful business on your Story. 

LinkedIn stories

By showing off your new accomplishments, your viewers will see your enthusiasm and dedication to your craft. When people see someone who is excited about their business, they are more likely to interact with your page. 

How to Add Stickers to Stories

LinkedIn Stickers

Now that you know the importance of LinkedIn Stories, you need to know how to use this technology to its full potential.

You can customize your LinkedIn Stories in multiple ways. One of the best ways to customize your Story is by adding stickers. Choose from a variety of related stickers to make your story unique and engaging.

Adding Stickers – The Steps

LinkedIn stories

First, you need to take or upload a photo or video in the LinkedIn Stories section. Then tap on the Stickers icon at the top right of the screen. The Stickers icon looks like a piece of paper with the corner lifted. 

Once you press the Sticker Icon, scroll down until you see the ‘Communities and Events’ and ‘Current Status’ sections.

LinkedIn stories

Tap the sticker you want to add to your post. You can choose between stickers related to current events, feelings, statuses, and worldwide movements.

After choosing the appropriate Sticker, you can customize it to fit with your content. Click through the options, like rotating the Sticker, resizing it, and dragging it around the screen.

There you have it!

Using stickers on your LinkedIn Stories is easy and dynamic – exactly what you need as a creator, and exactly what your audience wants.

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