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How to Get Authentic Instagram Followers

As mobile phone usage continues to increase at an incredible rate, social media and online marketing are more important than ever. If you run your business on Instagram, you know that it’s vital to keep a steady base of followers that consistently engage and interact with your brand.

Instagram followers

By following some simple tips and tricks, you can maintain your base, increase engagement, and gain authentic followers. We want you to have an online following of people with the same (or similar) interests, passions, and ideals as your brand.

Having genuinely engaged followers is more important than large numbers. Authentic followers increase your brand’s realness, show your platform’s personality, and can enhance engagement between you and the rest of the world. 

Tips on how to gain authentic Instagram followers – and keep them.

By following some of these tips and tricks, you can gain authentic Instagram followers who will engage with you, share your content, and enjoy interacting with your page. 

Keep Your Content Consistent

The worst thing you can do when trying to build your following is to post content irregularly. Avoid posting at random times about random content or products. Keeping your brand image consistent is key to gaining followers who have a similar mindset and interests as your brand!

Although the optimal posting schedule changes depending on the time of year and day of the week, generally, frequency has increased in favor of those continually posting. Instead of the peak times now being only once or twice per week, the peak times have become almost every weekday during work hours – around 11AM.

Engage With Other Accounts

When you’re trying to get more Instagram followers, you need to be present! Try sponsoring user-generated content to get your brand in your customers’ feeds. Search your hashtags and find customers you can feature. Test the effectiveness of Instagram promotions, Instagram ads, or Instagram contests to get the attention of potential followers.

In addition, you can interact with your followers or other accounts within a similar niche. For example, if your brand focuses on social media marketing in the travel industry, connect with other nomads and travel bloggers/entrepreneurs to boost your business’ spotlight!

Keep It Real

There is a massive difference between an Instagram account with fake followers and an Instagram account that has genuine followers. Although it’s tempting to buy Instagram followers, this won’t help your brand. The interactions you gain from bought followers are insubstantial, they won’t be sincere, and they’ll rarely engage with your content.

Fake Instagram accounts tend to deceive new followers. They might click on your page and see that you have a huge following – and then they look through your followers and see that a bot runs almost every single account. Fake followers only increase distrust among your genuine customers.

Lastly, if you have thousands of fake followers, your account will generate almost no buzz. Buzz refers to the engagement that’s generated with your content such as clicks, interesting comments, and direct messages/interactions that talk about your products. Fake bot followers don’t generate buzz. They just add an arbitrary number to your follower count and will eventually be cleaned up by Instagram and deleted.

Tricks To Increase Instagram Engagement

We’ve seen the mobile lifestyle become the norm, rather than the exception. It’s crucial to adapt to new levels of engagement on social media.  Here’s some tips to make it happen:

Show You Care – Reevaluate Your Strategy

Instagram followers

Taking care of your followers and customers is now more important than ever – think of it like customer service on social media! By responding to each person’s comments on your posts, you make them feel seen! Especially in 2020 as social distancing becomes the norm, people can feel incredibly lonely. Something as simple as responding to their comment on Instagram or liking one of their posts can make them feel important – and keep them coming back to your profile. 

Similar to Facebook, the number of peak times to post during the week have expanded from what is ‘traditionally’ the peak. Previously, Wednesday at 11AM, and Friday between 10AM-11AM were the best times to post to get the most engagement on your posts. 

We are now seeing that an overall busy span of weekday and working hours are the best times to post that new photo or product! You can check your Instagram analytics to find the most active times for your page. As a general rule, posting content on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 11AM tends to create a rise in engagement on your page. 

Posting too much can overwhelm your followers and cause an unwanted response. Similarly, posting too little can cause your followers to become disinterested in your account. In 2020, Instagram reported that the number of daily posts decreased by 1.9 posts per day. 

These changes typically reflect that brands have reevaluated their strategies to serve their personalized communities. With audiences changing their interactions, brands have had to alter their messaging styles to reflect that. Use analytics tools to track your social media posting times and effectiveness. By analyzing changes in your account’s followers and engagement, and adjusting your strategy every quarter, you can yield positive gains in your Instagram success!

There you go! Apply these quick tips and tricks to increase your Instagram engagement and build your brand’s success!

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