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How to Boost Your Social Presence with An Instagram Loop Contest

Loop contests are the fastest way to accelerate your following towards 10K and beyond. Loops are an investment, like you may have already made with Instagram Ads. However, they have been proven to be more cost-effective and can build success much faster.

Instagram loop giveaways are a huge source of dispute within the social media community. Are your followers from Instagram loop giveaways real people genuinely interested, or are they fake? Do Instagram giveaways cheat and scam the system? 

In this post, we’ll go over what loops are, and the pros and cons of Instagram loops. We’ll also go over what to avoid and how to spot fake contests from a mile away!

What are Instagram Loops?

IG loop

IG Loops are a growth strategy used by bloggers, influencers, and businesses to beat the Instagram algorithm to gain new followers. So how does it work?

A Loop giveaway typically consists of 5-10 businesses or individual bloggers who agree to offer one huge prize. The creators use one image to advertise their giveaway, showing all of the potential prizes to win. The idea behind the picture is that each participant must post the image and then tag their neighboring business or partner in the same image.

This creates the Loop. With the businesses continually tagging other businesses, the IG Loop continues sending the entrants around in a circle. The businesses or individuals will tag themselves in an IG Loop order so that the entrants will consistently get redirected in the same group of companies working together to sell the same prize or prizes. 

All of the businesses involved share the same post, or else the Loop breaks. The photo’s caption explains the competition, what the prizes are, and how long entrants have to join.

In an IG Loop, entrants are usually asked to enter by following the businesses tagged in the photos. Tagging other companies ensures that the people involved in creating the Loop gain a substantial amount of followers per giveaway.

Pros of IG Loops


Visibility on Instagram can be difficult to obtain. When done correctly, Loop giveaways can be a huge resource in getting your content to your target audience. Using Loops to target those in your specific niche can greatly enhance your followers, engagement, and click-through rates. 


To get engagement on your page, you need followers. To get followers, you need growth. We all know the elusive 10k followers that everyone so desperately wants to promote their brand and products further. 

The primary benefit of using Instagram Loop giveaways is increasing your number of followers. Although results can vary between giveaways, with some being more successful than others, all giveaways will significantly increase your follower count.


Running Instagram Loops helps you engage with more users and reward them for interacting with you. By posting giveaways, you give your followers a virtual ‘Thank You’ for being a part of your niche and believing in your product.

When increasing engagement, ensure that your valuable content is still the focus of your Instagram profile. You don’t want to bombard your followers with consistent giveaways and lose sight of your overall focus. Keeping a wealth of knowledge, valuable content, and interesting interactive links for your followers to engage with will keep people coming back.

Cons of IG Loops

Potential Follower Drop-Off

Although giveaways will see an overall increase in your page’s number of followers, you will also experience a slight decrease in the days following the Loop. Despite gaining followers with the number of people who participated in the giveaway, at least 5% of these followers will unfollow you directly after not winning the contest.

Feed Aesthetics

If you do too many loop giveaways, your feed will become crowded, it will clog your original theme, and you will annoy your followers with spam-like content. Make sure you’re smart when choosing loop giveaways, since doing too many can be detrimental to your overall follower count and dissuade those within your niche from connecting with you. 

Poor Photography and Imagery

Some giveaway hosts use clear images, great photography, and trendy aesthetics, but others use blurry photos and drab images. If you’re working with a host who doesn’t have a knack for photography or graphic design, you’ll be posting an off-brand and ugly photo to your feed, which will put-off followers and ruin the trend you’ve been creating on your page. Be selective when choosing a loop contest for your brand.

Things to Keep in Mind

IG Loops can be Costly

You need to buy-in to be part of an Instagram Loop. You’ll usually find that at least $20 will go toward the Loop’s overhead costs.

If you use PayPal for the fees, you’ll have an additional fee taken out of your purchase. This amount is usually almost 3% and $0.30 for each transaction. You will also have to pay sales tax for the physical prize you purchase, along with the cost of shipping prizes to winners. 

Certain loops that individuals and influencers buy into can range from $30 on the lower end of the spectrum to $600 on the higher-end.  

If you are an admin to the Loop, don’t add any extra admin fees for your users to pay. If you’re asking for a flat fee of $25, then keep it at that.

What should link to with the first “Swipe Up?”

When using a “swipe up” feature after reaching 10k followers, there are many things you can do for your first swipe. You could use a link to your company blog or business page. Social channels are meant to push your products and humanize yourself as a person with a voice. Linking your swipe up to a blog lets you offer genuine means of communication to your followers.

You could also link your first “Swipe Up” to a YouTube channel. You should try to cross-promote your YouTube channel with your Instagram page, so you can give your viewers a teaser on how to watch your entire videos and follow your YouTube channel.

Finally, your first swipe can show a product you are demoing. Maybe you’re giving a tutorial demonstrating how to use an item properly. Sliding the product URL to the link slot lets the user easily swipe up and check out the advertised product.

What to Avoid

Although numerous Instagram Loop giveaways are legit and can offer real prizes, people are trying to scam you and promote fake contests. Here are a few ways that you can spot a fake Instagram Loop online:

Be aware of a giveaway hosted by a “Tumblr” style account. Tumblr is a place to post your blogs, photos, and anything else you want to share with other people on one website. People generally use this website for broadcasting writing compositions of photography skills.

IG loop

Next, be aware of giveaways that collage on a white background, pictures used from Flipagram, or hesitate to post proof. If the giveaway also lasts more than two weeks, it is not real. A real giveaway would have been finished within that time period, meaning the two week waiting period wouldn’t be accurate for a legit giveaway.

If the contest account prolongs the giveaway, is hosting multiple giveaways at once, is a brand new account with no followers, or doesn’t show ample proof that prizes are real, avoid it at all costs.

Do the Benefits Outweigh the Negatives?

Overall, the benefits of using Instagram Loop giveaways are astronomical – if you use them the right way. IG Loops help you gain new followers, connect with other businesspeople in your niche, and reward your followers with a prize for supporting you and your mission. 

The rapid follower growth can help accelerate your business quickly by becoming an Instagram influencer on one of the most powerful social media sites in the world! 

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