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Your Guide to 10k Instagram Followers

The elusive 10,000 followers on Instagram is something that all users and influencers strive for. Instagram is potentially the best B2C social marketing platform. You can tailor your brand image by creating high-quality niche content and engaging with your audience.

On Instagram, you get a combination of the best of all social networking platforms. But Instagram’s greatest marketing asset is its Stories feature. Stories let you create fast, regulars content that keeps your customers informed and entertained. If you reach 10k followers on Instagram, you also unlock the ability to say the coveted phrase, “Swipe up!”


The “Swipe Up” feature lets you embed any link you want in your Instagram story – ANY link at all! This means you don’t have to direct your followers to just one link in your bio!

In this article, we’re going to discuss FIVE great ways to grow your following to 10K fast. Not to mention, we will show an extra SIXTH way if you read all the way to the end. This secret method is like a shot of Instagram follower adrenaline straight to your profile!

We all know the one – the link that’s been collecting dust on your Instagram profile for weeks. You don’t want to change the link, since it leads to your landing page or an important platform. But what if you want to include a link to sell a book, course, or product? 

The answer is… Swipe Up! 

By using the swipe up feature, you make it easier for your followers to engage with your call to action. Doing so, you can direct viewers to a specific product page, close more sales, and boost web traffic. In addition, you will increase Instagram engagement so more people see your stories and posts!

How do you get this “Swipe Up” feature, you ask?

Once you hit 10,000 followers on Instagram, this marketing superpower is unlocked for you.

You might be wondering, “How do I reach 10k followers on Instagram?” It seems like such a faraway goal, especially if you are new to the Instagram world. Reaching your first 100 seems like a milestone, let alone 10k!

Here are the top 5 strategies to reach 10k followers on Instagram: 

Find Your Ideal Followers

Instagram is all about forming relationships with new people. Furthermore, you need to expand your reach and identify your ideal target audience. 

Similar to building a community of niche influencers to promote your product , the same goes with your followers.

  • First, try to find followers who will be interested in what you’re selling and your message.
  • Use the Direct Messages feature on Instagram to reach out to your ideal followers! Strike up a conversation and stay genuine. Be human – your audience will respect honesty and realness.
  • Not sure how to start a conversation? Ask a question. See how they got to where they are today. Ask them what their goals are, what they are looking to accomplish, and what they’re interested in.
  • You can also ask them what problems they might have or what they want to change. If you’re both within the same industry, then you might have similar business issues.

Engage With Your Followers!

These conversations with potential followers are key to deciphering their goals and getting to know your audience on a deeper level. The feedback you receive from possible customers can help you formulate and shape your programs, offerings, products, and how you speak to your target market.

Collaboration is the Foundation of Business

One of the aspects of Instagram that people love so much is the sense of community and groups. You can search a hashtag and see others who have photos using the same hashtag/topic. You can search for a specific group, user, topic, and place. Therefore, you can see other users who have posted photos with the same subject!

Creating a community online is key to building a strong base with the people you connect with. Without a strong community that follows the same ideals and similarities, your page will be lost.

Dive into the Instagram community by reaching out to others within your niche. Ideally, look for those who have a similar amount of followers. You can help each other in the journey to gain 10k . Or, if you connect with someone who has more followers than you, you can get advice and tips from them on how to reach your goal!

Use Story Shoutouts to Connect with Others in Your Niche

A Story/IG shoutout is when one user promotes another user from their personal Instagram account. Shoutouts help your page since people will see you connected with someone else in your niche. This recognition demonstrates you are willing to promote someone else’s product and you are well connected in the community.

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Boost the Content of Your IG Stories

Stories are a foolproof way to let your audience get a glimpse into your lifestyle. This insider-look details the story behind your brand and what makes your company tick. Providing a behind-the-scenes journey can humanize your brand. Not only do stories help you with brand personalization, but they are also great at boosting engagement on your page. 

Here are the steps to boosting engagement on your stories and improving the content:

Use #Hashtags

When posting on your story, hashtags help bring visibility to your page! When users click or search for certain hashtags, hashtags can bring them to your story. 

If you are hosting an Instagram story giveaway or story loop, you will be giving away prizes to the contenders. Get your followers to use the hashtag in their stories to qualify for the competition, bringing more traffic to your page. 

By registering for a chance to win with your hashtag, your users reinforce your brand message. Not to mention, you will reap the benefits of having them share your contest and hashtag with their followers.

Create Story Templates

You can learn more about your followers by coming up with a fill-in-the-blank page for their followers on their Stories. You can make this template complete with any questions, topics, ideas, or characteristics.

For example, you could make one about your favorite movie, TV show, sports team, flower, and month of the year. By filling in your own information, your followers get to learn a little more about you and connect with you. 

After you fill out your own sheet, you can screenshot the blank version and put it on your story. This allows your followers to complete the sheet and tag you when they post it on their own page. 

With your followers tagging you in their posts, it will direct more traffic to your page. Your followers’ connections can then explore your business – and see if they would love to connect with you too!

Make Your Content POP!

No one is going to be interested in your Story if it isn’t eye-catching, provocative, share-worthy, and valuable. Posting a picture of what you ate for breakfast isn’t going to be of any importance (unless you have a lifestyle/food brand). Only post content that is relevant and useful to your niche audience!

Try and get creative with what you are going to share in your Story. You want something that your followers are going to be incentivized to click on. If your content is boring, why would someone want to learn more?

Run Instagram Ads

If you are really striving to reach 10k followers on your page, then running Instagram ads can be a great experiment for your business. Although you can’t create ads specifically for gaining followers, you can use them to increase the reach of your posts.

Try to see if you get better engagement by boosting certain stories, adding video content, and combining your content with Instagram Ads. By personalizing the ad, your followers will be more likely to engage with and purchase the product.

A Little Investment Goes A LONG Way!

You might be curious how much this will cost you, especially if you are new in the entrepreneurial world. Good news! You don’t need a lot of money to try this experiment. All you need is a minimal investment and a creative mind. By investing a bit of money into your page, you’ll be able to earn much more in the long run!

Tag Shout-Out Pages in Your Own Posts

This will take a little bit of research on your end. Find pages that offer shoutouts. Make sure they are in the same niche as you to ensure you have a similar goal in mind. Use their hashtags and tag them in your posts.

Try and aim for user accounts that have over 10k followers – you want to be on the same level as them! Getting a shoutout from them can significantly boost your exposure.

Pros and Cons of an Instagram Business Profile

Now that you know about the “swipe up” feature and the methods you can use to reach 10k followers, let’s go in-depth about the pros and cons of having an Instagram business profile. It’s time to weigh your options and decide if this is the right move for your brand.

Similar to any other marketing activity, people online have strong opinions about whether this is the right move or not. Some may think that business profiles are not worth the hype. However, others highly recommend the benefits that having one can provide for your business.

Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of committing to this type of Instagram profile.

Instagram Business Profile: Pros

Maximizes the Efficacy of Your Profile 

Being an experienced marketer means that you know all about the limitations of social media. Twitter allows a limited number of characters per Tweet, and Instagram requires your profile to be short and sweet. With only 150 characters available and one clickable link, deciding what to put in your bio is crucial.

When you have a business profile, you can add a little bit more to your IG bio like email, call, and direction buttons to your specific business. This increases user-friendliness and boosts the chances of people engaging with your brand!

The clickable link that you add to your profile might be just enough to get someone to go to your web home page. However, in many businesses, having a few extra options will encourage people to interact more with your profile. 

The business profile buttons may just help you get to 10k followers quicker and provide more clout to use for online shout-outs and giveaways.

Run Ads to Boost Your Brand

Advertising is a crucial part of an effective marketing campaign. According to Instagram, you need an Instagram business profile to run a successful platform. So let’s see why the owners themselves say that.

By switching to a business account, you can run ads, giveaways, and shout-outs that turn followers into customers. Including links throughout your Stories is effective since Stories earn high click-through rates.

Using ads on your Instagram business profile influences the success of your giveaways. By consistently having a product or a service for your customers and followers, they are more likely to interact with your page.

Instagram Business Profile Cons

It Could Hurt Your Engagement

Instagram has a specific algorithm that’s unknown to the general public. If the platform is similar at all to its parent, Facebook, then we can assume they are trying to get people to pay for ads.

When you switch to a business profile, you basically send out signals to Instagram that you are trying to sell a product to prospective customers. This act sets you in Instagram’s sights as one of their target customers.

Instagram might then make adjustments according to your new status, and end up blocking some of your posts from your followers. If you see your engagement numbers fall through no fault of your own, you might end up paying more for advertising. See how this works?

Although reaching 10k on Instagram and getting a business profile is important, maintaining high engagement is key to growing the popularity of your profile. Without the proper numbers getting to your page and viewing your Stories, your page will falter. This is because you won’t gain the same amount of click-through rates for your giveaways and contests.

The Choice is Yours!

Whether you decide to make the leap or not, an Instagram business profile has positives and negatives that can drastically affect your engagement, your overall business success, and the future of your company.

You can decide to switch to your business profile before or after you reach the elusive 10k, to help you gain more followers and click-through rates. If you are focused on Instagram ads, getting noticed through shout-outs, and using your profile for cash giveaways, then switching to a business profile might just be the best choice for you!

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