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8 Tips for Email Lead Generation

Lead generation is a popular and effective marketing tactic. Firstly, it allows brands to gather prospect information like preferences, phone, and email contacts. Furthermore, it garners demographics by having potential clients fill out important data forms. A lead generation strategy is a specific, unique, and customized plan for your business. Lastly, a successful plan will attract new leads and convert them into paying customers or followers. 

Out of all the types of lead generation, email lead generation is one of the most successful strategies. It allows you to connect with your clients or prospects to keep them interested and engaged with your brand. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can follow that will help you build an email funnel of new and engaged customers.

Simple Lead Gen Steps

First, make sure you deliver click-worthy content by scheduling posting and creating consistency between yourself and your followers. Second, once you have enough content on your page, you can invite prospects to give you their email addresses. Third, followers will provide their info in exchange for incentives, like contests or exclusive deals. Lastly, increasing the average conversion rate from your followers means that a higher percentage of people will engage with your social media. 

Email lead generation is one of the most effective ways you can drive sales, grow your customer base, and increase brand engagement. Here are a few best practices!

Email Lead Gen Best Practices

Evaluate Your Competition

Although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, copying someone else’s ideas and work isn’t. This is especially true when it comes to your competition or pages you want to emulate. Instead of directly copying others, use successful competitor pages in your niche as models for inspiration.

For example, if one of your competitors offers a downloadable help guide, you can offer your prospects a one-on-one Zoom call consultation.

Using Email Campaigns

Just like Instagram posting, you can’t expect to occasionally send random content and keep your follower base. An email lead generation strategy doesn’t begin and end with the lead capture page. It involves a network of ideas, content strategies, prospect education, and customer conversions to keep your prospects engaged in your brand. This is where an email drip campaign comes into play!

Using Email Automation

Email automation provides numerous benefits to your lead generation strategy – not only does it free up more time for you to work on your content and other marketing priorities, but it also keeps your emails on schedule, avoids any forgotten emails or posts, and keeps your customers engaged with consistent communication.

Email automation uses software to automatically send your emails to certain email users at specific, pre-set times that you have chosen based on the day of the week and time of the day that works for you and your brand.

Choosing Email Automation Targets

So how do you choose who to send these automated emails to? 

There are a few ‘triggers’ or ‘clues’ that give you an idea of who is interested in your products. These triggers include someone who has signed up for your email list, registered for your webinar, bought a product, or made a long-term commitment. Focus your email campaign on these engaged users for the best results.

Lead Scoring to Determine the Value of Leads

Lead scoring allows you to figure out which of your leads is most likely to become a loyal customer. Think of your leads campaign as a funnel. Unsure prospects with little engagement will be weeded out, while the bottom of your funnel has the most engaged, highest-priority leads. 

You don’t want to focus your time and energy on ‘potential’ customers who are wishy-washy in communication and engagement. You want to directly engage with your desired target audience who enjoys your content, platform, and brand. Utilizing lead scoring can help you effectively do this without wasting your time and resources.

Captivating Subject Lines

No one wants to open a boring or spammy-looking email. Although this step is often overlooked, writing a captivating subject line can be the difference-maker between prospects opening the email or marking your message as spam.

Instead of using a subject line like ‘Get 20% off!’ or ‘CLICK HERE FOR A GOOD DEAL,’ try something that uses direct, dynamic, and engaging language. Instead of saying ‘Get 20% off!’, say something along the lines of ‘Grab your 20% coupon on [Product Name] – our top seller in 2021.!’ Furthermore, you could also say ‘Snag 20% off on the BEST time-saving solution from us!’

Call-to-Action Usage

Adding a clear and concise call-to-action in each one of your emails increases conversions and click-throughs. In addition, a concise CTA shows the uniqueness of your message, enhances the time-sensitivity of your email and encourages engagement. You want them to click? Make your email as actionable as possible.

Offer Specialized Content

Content upgrades encourage people to interact with your emails. If they are on a personalized email list, they can receive extra deals, special products, and freebies that other customers don’t have access to. Providing potential customers and email subscribers with these benefits will increase compliance and drive engagement.

Incentivize Email Subscribers to Share Your Content

By providing current email subscribers with benefits for referring their friends, you can exponentially grow your following. Without giving away too much and losing money or products, you can give your email subscriber a small gift or deal that enhances compliance while still giving you what you want – more subscribers! 

Make sure the small gift or benefit that you offer your current subscribers is worth their time – the last thing you want them to do is to go through a lengthy survey, questionnaire, or refer a dozen friends for them to only receive 5% off on their next purchase. If the prize isn’t worth the effort, then the participation rate will be extremely low and your followers can become irritated.

Even the most seasoned email expert can always use a good refresher on email success. Grab some tips from this guide and put them to use this week!

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