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If you want to market your products to a younger audience, TikTok can provide you with an opportunity to do this. With more than 500 million worldwide users, it has surprised many with its growth. To get the best out of TikTok, you need to know what you are doing – in this article, we will explain the best way to approach it.

Understand the TikTok Platform

Just hopping on to the TikTok platform without knowing what you are doing will turn users away. Make sure you study it carefully before you get involved. Take a look at the most popular videos on TikTok and work out why users are attracted to them.

You also need to know how to interact with TikTok users. If you get this wrong then you will drive users away in droves. It is essential that you realize that TikTok is all about fun,entertainment, music videos, and humorous videos.

There is no place on TikTok for pushy sales messages. In the United States, the majority of users are between 16 and 24 years old and they are not interested in sales. You have to be creative in the way you connect with TikTok users. 

Your Content Must Be Fun

You have to create really fun content for TikTok. Once you get used to it, you can create inexpensive videos that have a major impact. TikTok users are not expecting top-quality videos, so you can record on your smartphone.

Use Hashtag Challenges

Many brands and organizations have had a lot of success with hashtag challenges. You create a branded hashtag and use this to promote a challenge where users participate and use your hashtag. 

A good example of this was the hashtag challenge created by Guess Jeans. Their challenge asked TikTok users to create videos of themselves wearing their Guess clothes “their way”, with thehashtag #inmydenim.

Use Influencers

There are already influencers on TikTok that have millions of followers. This is a great way to extend your brand reach on the platform. Not all influencers will be willing to work with you, since your brand and style need to fit with theirs. 

Influencers must be comfortable with your products. If they like your products, then they will be willing to showcase them. Use external tools to check on potential influencer bios before you commit to working with them.

TikTok Ads

Recently, TikTok launched its ads program. Here you can pay for different ad types that are all in short-form video format to extend your reach. There are four types of TikTok ads:

  • Native Ads (in feed)
  • Hashtag Challenges
  • Brand Takeovers
  • Branded Lenses

By using these ads strategically, you will be able to reach many TikTok users and use targeting options to narrow down your audience. Time will tell how effective TikTok ads are.

Avoid These TikTok Marketing Mistakes

Marketing on TikTok can be very rewarding if you do it right. The platform has over 500 million users and is constantly growing. As a fairly new social media platform, it is not yet filled with marketers like the others. 

There are many mistakes you can make with TikTok marketing if you do not do your research. While there are many cases of brands using the platform successfully for marketing, there are more cases where marketers got it wrong. In this article, we will discuss the marketing mistakes you need to avoid with TikTok.

Promoting the Wrong Products

You need to understand the TikTok platform has a young audience. The majority of TikTok users are under the age of 30, with many of them being teenagers or in their early twenties.

The users are only interested in products that suit their age group. If you try to promote products that are aimed at older people, then you will fail. The platform may eventually attract some older users, but currently  these are few and far between.

You need to determine if the TikTok platform is right for your business. If your target audience is Generation Z and Millennials, then there is a good chance it can work. If you have a more mature audience, then you should use another platform.

Posting Boring Videos

TikTok is all about fun and excitement. Nobody on the platform is going to be looking for presentation style videos. Besides, you only have 15-60 seconds to get your point across. The majority of TikTok users want to participate on the platform and not passively watch videos.
You need to plan your videos for TikTok.

Take a look at the popular videos and work out why so many users like them. Are they funny? Do they encourage participation? Are they different? Think about how you can engage your audience in a fun and creative way.

Trying to Sell to TikTok Users

Nobody likes to be given a sales pitch. This applies to all social media platforms,  especially TikTok. Avoid using pushy sales messages in your videos. This won’t impress TikTok users and they will end up avoiding your content in the future.

There are subtle ways you can promote your products without being sales-oriented. Engage your TikTok audience around your brand and products by making a fun video with someone using your product or another video that catches your viewers’ attention.

Not Using a Music Soundtrack

TikTok is an extension of the Musical.ly platform. The young people that use TikTok expect to hear background music with the majority of videos. Add music clips to all of your videos to ensure young users watch your content.

Not Using Special Effects

There are a number of special effects available on TikTok. Users know this and expect videos to use them. You can make your video a lot more fun when you use effects, like speeding up the video and using face filters.

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