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The mission of the Certified Marketer Association is for YOU to have positive impact and influence in your community through your skillful expertise as a marketer.

The Next Decade of Marketing

It’s 2020 and marketers are faced with a remarkable opportunity to leverage the last two decades of growth and evolution in social marketing.

The power of social engagement gives you an ideal opportunity to deliver more purpose-driven marketing and influence.

Why YOUR Membership Matters

50,000 Members

The Certified Marketer Association invites YOU to join over 50,000 successful members who run the gamut from solo, creative entrepreneurs to big-brand marketing executives.

Together, our aim is to harness the power of innovation and positive influence which marketing can drive!

The Four "I"s









2020 Vision

The Certified Marketer Association delivers courses, certifications and resources with the following goals for marketing professionals:  Be an INNOVATIVE marketer, not a follower. Stay INFORMED of best-practices and achieve truly IMPACTFUL campaigns. Deliver audiences INSPIRING marketing engagement which drives positive results for your company, industry and community.

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