Chapter 1 – The Current State of LinkedIn

As previously stated, LinkedIn has a network of over 750+ million members and has 80 million monthly active users. Over 50 million of those users are students or recent graduates looking to get a jump start on their career search. According to LinkedIn and Adweek, Millennials make up a significant chunk of LinkedIn’s total user base, which creates a great opportunity for B2B marketers. 

With so many members, it’s hard to imagine not including LinkedIn in your business marketing strategy. When Microsoft acquired the platform in 2016, it made LinkedIn think of what it can do for its members. In October of 2018, LinkedIn partnered with Oracle, a software company that specializes in databases, and announced that it had new integrations in the works. The most prominent of these improvements was the overhaul of the recruitment tools – making switching back and forth between screens easier for the recruiter and finding talent easier.