Chapter 7 – How to Find and Sell Your Prospects

Your marketing efforts draw prospective clients to your LinkedIn profile and company website – getting them to buy from you is another story. Showing the right leads what you have to offer may start the buying cycle for your clients, but how can you ensure their cycle ends with you becoming their supplier? 

Most of the time, consumers are surrounded by advertisements, call-to-actions, and people wanting to sell products and services to them. Even though a good marketing strategy can help you stand out, even the best marketing campaigns don’t have the ability to win clients who aren’t looking for your specific solution. They cannot make them buy what you are selling if they don’t need it right now and if they have to consider the limitations of the size of their business. 

Small businesses can’t waste their money on a product or service that they don’t need. Instead, you need to find the contacts that are in the market for your service and choose when to send your message to them.

Fortunately, LinkedIn can help you and your team do just that! Targeting on LinkedIn is a good place to gather your leads because there are so many professionals on the site. Conversion on LinkedIn ads happens three times more than other ads and lets you easily track your conversion rate with a simple click of your mouse.