Using LinkedIn as a marketing tool is a great start for generating new leads and increasing sales. LinkedIn is used by over half a billion people, with 40 percent of the members in decision-making positions. Between the mergers of LinkedIn and other business ideas, along with the purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft, the platform is set to become even bigger and reach more people, providing you and your business with the opportunity to dramatically increase your number of leads. 

Creating an engaging and informative profile is critical for generating highly targeted and qualified leads. Your profile photo, detailed profile section, and published content can help you build your brand credibility so that you can establish yourself as an industry leader and a provider of quality solutions. The use of content marketing will not only help you build leads and make sales, but it will also allow you to build long-term relationships and acquire loyal customers. 

Upgrading to a premium account will allow you to go further in marketing your company. With the many tools and features included in premium accounts like advanced searches and suggested profiles, you can create, target, distribute, and analyze the performance of your marketing materials. In turn, this makes your audience more streamlined and easier to manage. Using a premium account can also help in portraying the stability and professionalism of your company. 

Now that you know the many features and tools that you can utilize to generate more leads and increase sales, the next step is to apply this information to your business! Creating a killer profile, gathering your marketing data, and creating a solid brand strategy will help you generate even more leads and increase your company’s sales.