Day 8-14 Strategy Overview

How to Continue Building Your LinkedIn Presence During Week 2

After the first week of trying these certain steps each day, you can determine how the aforementioned steps are working for you. Trial and error are important in determining the right strategy for you and your page. 

For this next week, focus on the previous steps and try re-using them – be active, share content, alter parameters, and engage with your audience. See how the content strategy works for your business. After this second week of applying your 21-day strategy, let’s move on to the next week and hone in our details a little bit more.

Anything that you enjoyed doing during the first week, reward yourself by continuing to do them! Keep posting content you enjoy, interacting with others, and establishing a presence by focusing on the content that makes you excited about LinkedIn.

Now let’s dive in to the last week of your 21-day LinkedIn Content Strategy.