Course Builder Sections

When opening the Builder section, you will see that you can add “Lessons,” “Topics, and “Quizzes.” Lessons are the second biggest category under your overall Course, while Topics are basically sub-topics of the lesson. For example, your Lesson is “Soccer Passing,” and your Topic is “Short-range Soccer Passing.” The topic should directly correlate to your Lesson, adding more detail to the broader subject. 

If you have added a Lesson, like “Soccer Passing,” and decide you want to add some info in the Lesson before you get to the first topic, you can click on the “Edit” button as you hover over the Lesson in your Builder. 

If you click on “Edit,” this will bring you to a new page where you can add lesson content (which will show up before your first Topic) or configure more advanced settings, like Lesson Tags and Post Attributes.