Creating the Ad Set

Creating Facebook Ad Set

Next up you have to create the ad set for this campaign. First, enter a name for your new ad set in the “ad set name” field. Now select the Facebook page that you want to promote from the “Facebook page” menu.

Let’s now set up the target audience. With Facebook ads, you can reach users by targeting multiple user data. First, you have to select the locations that you are going to target in the “locations” section. To select a location, simply type the name of a location in the text field above the map and click on it to select it. You can target several locations at once.

After selecting a location, you can also select to target “everyone in this location”, “people who live in this location”, “people recently in this location” or “people traveling to this location”.

Now select the base and top “age” of your target audience. Now select the “gender” of your audience. Now select your “languages”. To select a language, simply click in the “languages” box, type the initial of the language that you want to target, and click on it to select it. You can target multiple languages at once.

In the “detailed targeting” section you can “include” or “exclude” people based on “demographics”, “interests”, and “behaviors”. In the “connections” section you can select to reach users according to the type of connection that they have with your page, such as “people who like your page” or “friends of people who like your page”.

You can click on “save audience” to save this audience set up so you can use it on another campaign later.

In the “placements” section you can select where you want to show your Facebook ads. If you select “Automatic placements” your ads will appear to all users on all types of devices across multiple placements that include Instagram and the Audience Network.

If you select “edit placements”, you can select where you want to show your ads and on what devices. If you select this option, you have to make sure to select “Instagram” as a target platform to extend your reach to Instagram.

On the “budget and schedule” section you have to select a budget and a schedule for your campaign. Select “daily budget” if you want to spend a fixed amount on a daily basis, or select “lifetime budget” if you want to spend your entire budget until your campaign ends or the budget is depleted.

On “schedule” you can select “run my ad set continuously starting today” to run your ads until you stop them manually, or you can select “set a start date and an end date” to select when your ads start running and when the campaign ends. You can click on “continue” when you finish creating the ad set.