Creating the Ads

Facebook Ad Creation - Social Media Association Training

Now it is time to create the ad. Start by typing a name for your ad in the “ad name” field. 

In the “Identity” section you have to choose how you want to represent your business in your ad. By default, the Facebook page that you selected when you created the ad set will be already selected here.

Now, if you haven’t connected an Instagram account to your Facebook page, Instagram will use the name of your page and the profile picture to show your ads. If you want an Instagram account to represent your ads on the platform, you’ll simply have to click on “add Instagram account”, enter your Instagram account information, and click on “confirm”. For this example, we’ll simply let our Facebook page to represent our ads on Instagram.

Now you have to select your ad format. The ad formats available for this type of campaign include “carousel” or “single image or video”. Let’s select “single image or video”.

After selecting a format you have to upload your media. Select “image” if you’re going to use an image. Select “video or slideshow” if you are going to use a video or slideshow. Upload your image, video, or slideshow, and move to the next step.

Over in the “text” section you have to add your ad copy, ad text, and your ad URLs.

Start by adding your ad copy to the “text” field. Now check the “Add a website URL” box and enter your destination URL in the “website URL” field.

Now enter a headline for your ad in the “headline” field. Now add a brief description or value proposition to the “news feed link description” field.

Now click on the “call to action” menu to add a “call to action” button to your ad. There are several types of CTA buttons available. Select the one that best describes the action you want users to complete.

You can take a look at how your ads will appear on different placements in the “ad preview” window.

You can click on the “confirm” button after you finish creating your ad to submit it for approval. Approval usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Complete! You can expose your brand to a lot of users by spending as little as $5 a day!