Creating the Profile Section

If you want to increase your connections and leads, then you need a complete profile. Make sure that your “About Us” section includes your mission statement and describes what your company offers. Check that your employees have linked their personal profiles and connections to your company page so connections can see your company updates. 

When you are working on your “About Us” portion of your profile, write it with your target customer in mind. A creative way to approach your profile is leveraging business storytelling: 

Utilizing Storytelling

Create an emotional response by telling a story that identifies a problem faced by a client, obstacles that caused the problem, and your unique solution. Make sure to complete content pieces that are relevant to your purpose and how other clients have been successful with you. 

You’ll want to make sure your company details are complete, including where you are located, the core value proposition, and the problems you solve. Don’t forget to add info about when your company was founded, and your website. Include different media, photos, and videos to break up the text and increase engagement. Having a text-heavy profile shows a lack of creativity.  Make sure and reach out to employees and have them connect their bio’s with your company page.

Another great way to boost the effectiveness of your profile is to include customer testimonials on your company page, especially ones by influencers and users with large networks. The more trusted and well-known your clients are, the easier it will be to grab new leads and pull business from word-of-mouth connections.

Even a simple 10-word endorsement can capture the attention of the reader. While having customer testimonials is great for promoting your company, remove old and out-of-date testimonials and retired skills. Recent reviews and initiativess are the most valuable in keeping your profile current and fresh. 

Additionally, if you receive a current recommendation that’s not well-written or focuses on a random subject, ask them if you can edit the recommendation and get their approval before posting. 

Creating a profile with the intent to highlight the best elements of your product or service is essential to achieving your marketing objectives!