Finding Your Target Audience

Next, you will need to identify your target audience. This is a prerequisite for you to start creating your ad campaign. LinkedIn has well over 610 million members and counting, with 90 million of these members senior influencers and 63 million being decision-makers, who are targets that may purchase from you. When you start creating your content, you need to consider their questions and needs, potential problems, and ways to solve those problems.

Content marketing is supposed to anticipate the needs of your audience, supply information for meeting those needs, and show you are the ideal company for the job. For you to do that, you need to research your target audience. Take time to look at what your target audience is posting on their news feeds, the industries they work in, and other products and services available to them. 

Make certain to narrow your audience as much as possible then broaden over time to expand your success. 

As an option, you can use your current connections to see what your target audience will want, because these are usually your direct buyers or associates of your target audience. Generally, your target market is already aware of the type of product or service you are offering so look at what your competitors are creating as well.

LinkedIn has a marketing tool called Web Demographics to track who is visiting your site by cataloging their profile information. This will allow you to see company names, seniority level, job title, and other necessary information that can help you tailor your content as well.