Installing the Facebook Pixel on Your Website

Installing Facebook Pixel Code - Social Media Association Training

Now click on “manually install the code yourself”. Now click on the Facebook Pixel code on this screen to copy it to your clipboard.

You will need administrative access to your website’s code to install the Facebook pixel between the “<head>” and “</head>” tags. In this lesson, we are going to install Facebook Pixel on a WordPress website.

If you are using WordPress, you’ll simply have to go to your site’s dashboard, move over the “appearance” tab on the left-hand menu and then to click on the “theme editor” option. Now move over to the “theme files” menu on the right, locate the “theme header” tab and click on it. Now paste the Facebook Pixel code between the “<head>” and “</head>” tags, and click on “update file”.

Now go back to Facebook, enter your website’s URL in the “send test traffic to your pixel” field and click on the “Send test traffic” button. Your Facebook pixel is now active on your website. Click on “continue”.

You can now “add the events you’d like to track”. To track an event, you simply have to activate it on this screen and install the event code on your website. In this example, we are going to activate “view content”.

Activate the event, copy the event code, and go back to your website’s theme header code. Paste the event code right below the “</head>” tag. Click on “update file” after adding the event code.