LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics provides you with the metrics and trends of your company page. It is split into two sections: Company Updates and Followers.

The Company Updates section tracks three areas on your company page:

  • Updates
  • Reach
  • Engagement

The updates area provides you with a table that summarizes the most recent updates from your company page. This table includes the following:

  • A preview of the post.
  • The date that each update was posted.
  • The audience that the update was sent to, either your followers or targeted audience.
  • Which campaigns you have sponsored an update in.
  • The number of times each update has been shown to members.
  • The number of clicks on your company page, logo, or content.
  • The number of times people have liked, commented, or shared an update. 
  • The engagement percentage of your content.
  • How many followers you gained by promoting an update. 

The reach area of LinkedIn analytics displays a graph that shows the number of times your updates were seen through a paid campaign or organically. You can select your preferred date ranges from a drop-down menu to customize the data that you view. 

Within the engagement section of the analytics, there is a graph that shows the number of times a member clicked, shared, or commented on your organic or sponsored content. The graph includes the following:

  • Where your followers are coming from.
  • The total number of LinkedIn members following your page.
  • The followers that you gained without advertising.
  • The followers you gained through sponsored updates or company follow adverts. 
  • The top five places where your followers are coming from as a percentage of your total followers. 
  • A breakdown of who is following your company page.
  • How your number of followers has changed over time.
  • The number of followers compared to other companies.