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Livestreaming on Facebook - Social Media Association Training

You can go live on Facebook with a page post, and there are several types of live marketing videos that you can do on Facebook Live, such as “question and answer” or “ask me anything” sessions, how-to demonstrations, product launches, and product reviews.

In this example, we’ll do a review to promote one of our affiliate products. To launch Facebook Live, go to your Facebook business page. Now click on the “live” button located in the “create a post” section.

Now, the following steps will depend on your streaming setup. If you’ll stream using a webcam or directly from a mobile device, your camera will be automatically detected, and you will only have to click on “go live”.

If you are using an external camera and live streaming software, you’ll have to click on the “connect” option.

In this lesson we’re using an external camera and the OBS program, a free video streaming app that you can get at “obsproject.com/download”.

The setup is simple enough. First, copy the “stream key” on this screen. Now go to the OBS dashboard and click on the “settings” button. Now click on the “stream” tab. Make sure “Facebook Live” is selected in the “service” menu, and then paste your Facebook Live stream key in the “stream key” field. Now click on the “ok” button, and then on “start streaming”.

Now go back to Facebook to configure your live stream before going live. First, select where to post your live broadcast. You can “share on your timeline”, “share in a group”, “share in an event”, or “share on a page you manage”. In this example we are going to share it on our Page, so we’ll select “share on a page you manage”.

Now add some text to the “say something about this live video” field. Here you can include the name and description of the product or service that you are going to promote as well as the product page or affiliate link URL. You can also include calls to action and a URL to your business website.

Now click on the “check-in” icon and select your current location. This will feature your broadcast on the Facebook Live Map, which will allow users to easily find your live video by location and topic.

Now enter a title for your broadcast in the “title” field. Now add your target keywords in the “tags” field to increase discoverability. You can click on “go live” when you are ready to start your broadcast!