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Livestreaming on Instagram - Social Media Association Training

Before you go Live on Instagram to promote your stuff, we recommend you to tease your broadcast with a series of image posts to remind your followers of the date you’ll go Live and to create awareness about the topic, product or service you’ll promote on your broadcast.

Just like on Facebook Live, the best types of live marketing videos for Instagram include such topics as “question and answer” or “ask me anything” sessions, how-to demonstrations, product launches, and product reviews, plus giveaways!

To go live on Instagram, start by tapping on “your story”. Now tap on the “live” option located on the bottom of the screen. You can tap on the gear icon located on the top-left corner of the screen to configure your broadcast before going live.

You can tap on “go live” when you are ready to start your broadcast. Instagram will notify your followers that you are live, and you can start introducing, discussing and showcasing the product or service that you’ll promote.

Engage your viewers by asking them questions, by answering their questions and comments, and by letting them take part in the conversation. You can see who’s joining the broadcast in the space above the “comment” section.

You can share your product page or affiliate link URL with your viewers by pasting it in the “comment” field. Let your viewers know every time that you share your URL, and use calls to action to encourage them to visit the page. Comments will eventually hide your URL, so make sure to share it every three to five minutes.

You can finish your broadcast by tapping on “end”. As you can see, this is also a very effective marketing tool!