Premium Business

LinkedIn premium business accounts are created for growing your company, expanding your network, and searching out potential leads. They also offer information about your competitors, industry trends, and help you measure your company growth. 

This type of account provides access to LinkedIn Learning, the ability to see who has looked at your profile, how they got there, unlimited browsing of member profiles, and 15 InMail messages per month so you can message anyone you would like to connect with. According to LinkedIn, InMail is 2.6x more effective than emails alone.

If you receive an InMail response from a member you have sent one to, you will get a credit for that message.

The “who’s viewed my profile?” feature is useful in creating personal connections with potential leads. Following up on leads that come to you means connecting with someone who has been referred to your company or wanted to find out more. These members who have viewed your profile or company page typically lead to a pretty easy sale, since the initial work of bringing them to you has already been done. The prospects who view your profile and connect with you will also bring along their network of potential leads. 

The Premium Business account offers a filter for seeing where your views come from so that you can tailor your marketing. If you see that your profile is being viewed by people who are unrelated to your target audience, you can use that information to update your keywords and marketing materials to reach the right customers instead. LinkedIn Business allows you to see how you rank against the competition and others on LinkedIn. 

Another helpful marketing and lead generation feature with LinkedIn Premium Business is the advanced search tool that offers more specific fields of search like company size and member years of experience. 

This can help you target your messages and lets you keep the results so you don’t have to run the same keywords more than once. 

With Premium Business, you get 500 search results and up to 5000 saved results, along with the ability to view all profiles even if they aren’t in your network. A bonus is that you can get alerts on anyone in the search that you saved, which increases your ability to gain new connections and leads. 

You also have access to analytical data on your page when you upgrade to a Premium Business account, showing who and follows your page. Each category can be broken down into various demographics like industry, job function, level of seniority, etc. Graphs are created to show you the metrics regarding the engagement on your page. With LinkedIn Premium Business, you get “Business Insights,” which give you information about your own company and others in the industry. 

To see any connection to your search results, you can click the “How You’re Connected” button. This will allow you to invite second-tier contacts to connect. You can see industry and company news, departments that are increasing/decreasing their budgets, open jobs, and employee counts, giving insight into a company’s stability. 

Upgrading your account to Premium Business is beneficial if you have a small business that you want to scale. However, if you already have a large company or a sales team, then you should consider upgrading to Sales Navigator.