Product Integrations

Microsoft’s products are also seeing updates. In Microsoft’s email software, users can now see the profile information of the people in their network and insights into the people they meet. Collaborating with members on LinkedIn has become easier since you can create content in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and attach it to your post – making it easier to share relevant content with your connections. 

The “Groups” feature on LinkedIn has also undergone several improvements. It is now available in the app, with the ability to manage, post, and edit content, accept join requests, and receive activity notifications. 

Searching for jobs has also become easier. When searching for jobs and entering criteria, the option for “remote jobs” is in the “location” checkbox, and jobs offering telecommuting or working from home will be among the posted results.

Company information on the right side of the screen now shows the context for each posted job so users don’t have to leave the search results page. The option for notifications when certain companies and positions open up is also among the available features on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn has many new integrations and feature updates planned for the future. It will be more dependent on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get to know a member’s clients and make minor decisions, including scheduling, accepting or denying connection requests, and meeting mutually beneficial people. Virtual meetings will allow face-to-face contact without having to leave the office with video profiles replacing regular resumes and adding personality to your self-promotion.