Sales Navigator

The premium Sales Navigator account is a useful tool for lead generation and lets you see where your target audience lies in your business. The average Sales Navigator member sees an increase in leads, sales, goal achievement, and productivity. The Sales Navigator is also helpful for marketing as well as sales because it helps you pinpoint your target audience and understand their needs. 

There are three plans available under the Sales Navigator Account:

  • Professional
  • Team
  • Enterprise

While Sales Navigator is geared toward sales teams, it can also be extremely helpful for marketing. The advanced search options allow detailed search fields with a wide range of keywords, letting your marketing team compare their traffic against the size of the target audience. 

Your sales and marketing teams can work together to increase the company’s profitability using LinkedIn’s tools. Having the two departments working together results in increased profitability and a more comprehensive picture of the client. When you have potential customers that have viewed your ads and marketing strategies, your sales team will usually see an increase of opened and answered Sponsored InMail messages sent by your salespeople. 

Personal relationships between potential customers and your sales team also help boost the sharing of content media. This makes it beneficial to share the marketing content with the sales team along with showing them how to use it. 

LinkedIn’s basic profile is good when you are just starting, but as your business gains more connections and a larger network, upgrading to one of the premium accounts can strategically drive income/revenue and justify the expense of your marketing.