Setting Up A Giveaway Campaign

Setting Giveaway Campaign - Social Media Association Training

If you want to run giveaway campaigns as the big brands do, you’ll need to join a marketing platform that allows you to run contests. We recommend you to join “Gleam”, a business growth platform that allows you to get started and run unlimited competitions, for free.

Go to “” on your browser, click on the “sign up” button, and complete the registration process.

Log in to your “Gleam” account, and click on the “new competition” button. Now enter a name for your new contest in the “name” field. Enter a name that is actionable and that includes the name of your prize to encourage users to participate and share the contest. Then select the “start” and “end” dates of your giveaway campaign using the calendar functions on this screen.

Now click on the “user details” tab and paste your Facebook Page’s URL in the “Allow users to Like a Facebook Page” field.

Now click on the “how to enter” tab. On this page, you will be able to select how contestants will earn entries.

To cross-promote our social channels, you have to select multiple social media entry methods. This way users that follow you on Facebook only can start following you on other social channels to earn additional entries. The same applies to users that only follow you on Twitter, or on Instagram, for example.

This strategy also helps you to get new followers when users share your giveaway with their friends on social media.

In this lesson, we’ll add Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter entries to our campaign. Let’s start by adding a Facebook entry. Click on the “Facebook” icon. Now click on the “Visit on Facebook” option. Now enter the URL of your Facebook page in the “URL” field, select the “like the page” option below, and check the “mandatory” box.

Let’s now add a Twitter entry. Click on the “Twitter” icon. Now click on the “follow on Twitter” option. Enter your Twitter handle in the “username” field and check the “mandatory” box.

Lastly, let’s add an Instagram entry. Click on the “Instagram” icon. Now click on the “visit Instagram profile” option. Enter your username or Instagram profile URL in the “username or profile URL” field, and then check the “mandatory” box.

As you can see, there are other social media networks that you can add as entries, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat. You can also select social entries other than the ones we selected in this example.

Now click on the “prize” tab. Enter the name of your prize in the “title” field. Select the number of winners and enter a description of the prize.

Now click on save to finish creating this contest. Awesome! You can now share this contest by embedding it to a page on your website, by sharing the giveaway’s landing page URL, and by adding a Facebook tab for this giveaway on your Facebook pages!