Step 1 – Track and Audit Your Previous Performance

Track and Audit Your Previous Performance

It is important that, before you plan out and execute your social media strategy, you track and audit the performance of your brand so far on your existing social media channels.

It is crucial that you take a detailed look at what you were doing the previous year. First, take note of what you wanted to achieve. It’s possible that you wanted to achieve something specific like making sales.

Now take note of metrics such as traffic, click-through rates, social follows, and generated leads on each one of your social channels. Pay special attention to those channels where you were the most active, as they will be a greater source of accurate information about your performance.

Then audit your social media profiles. Check your usernames, your bios, your links, and your images.

Once you have all of this information, determine if your current social media marketing plan is helping you reach your objectives in terms of generated leads, sales, revenue, and return on investment. If you haven’t been getting the results you want, it’s possible that you’ll have to shift your attention to a different objective, such as boosting brand awareness first.

Lastly, check user statistics such as a number of profile views and the time that users spent checking your profile. If the numbers are low, it means that you’ll have to improve your social media image.