Step 4 – Identify the Best Distribution Channels for Your Business

Best Distribution Channels for Your Business

Distribution channels are simply social media sites where you’ll publish your content, and you have to identify the ones that fit your business the best.

You can do this by first identifying the purpose of each platform. 

Although there are a lot of social platforms where you can build a presence for your business, we have prepared a break-down of the best social networks for brands and businesses and their purposes:

  • Facebook is a platform that generates the most traffic. Its purpose is to serve news and entertainment, and it benefits basically any type of business.
  • Twitter is a platform for news and content curation, and it best benefits Information-based and tech-focused companies.
  • LinkedIn is a network for professionals and business managers. It best benefits Business-To-Business companies.

Instagram is a visual discovery platform that best benefits clothing companies and other businesses selling products that are visual in nature.