Tracking Custom Campaigns

Google Analytics lets you create URLs for custom campaigns that provide you with the benefits of website tracking, helping you identify which content is the most effective in driving visitors to your website and landing pages. For instance, you might want to see which particular updates, links, or banners on your website are generating the most traffic. Custom campaigns allow you to measure these results and see what is and isn’t working by letting you add parameters to the end of your URL. You can either add your own URL or use the URL Builder. 

Using the URL Builder

To use this feature, log in to Google and simply type “URL Builder” into the Google search box and click on the first result. You can then add the URL that you want to track, complete the rest of the fields, and click submit. You can then shorten the URL with or Once your custom URL is established, you can track the results through Google Analytics. 

Tracking the results of your marketing campaigns on LinkedIn is an essential part of generating more leads to your website. By running these reports and adjusting your strategy based on the results, you can increase the leads you receive and improve sales.