Utilizing Google Analytics

For a more detailed look at your LinkedIn company page analytics, you can utilize Google Analytics. For example, Google Analytics can provide you the number of people LinkedIn is sending to your website or how many of your connections and followers are converting into customers. With Google Analytics, you can receive advanced reports that let you track the effectiveness of your campaign. 

The Overview Report

Source: Social Media Examiner

With this report, you can see how much conversion value is generated from all of your social channels, comparing your conversions with those from your social media profiles. 

The Conversion Report

Source: Social Media Examiner

The conversion report helps you quantify the value of social, shows you conversion rates, and highlights the monetary value of conversions that occurred due to referrals from LinkedIn and other social networks. Google Analytics can link visits from LinkedIn with your goals and your e-commerce transactions.

To do this, you will need to configure your goals in Google Analytics. You can do this under the Admin menu, in the Goals section. Goals on Google Analytics allows you to measure how often visitors take or complete a specific action. You can either create goals from the templates that are offered in the program, or you can create your own custom goals. 

The Network Referrals Report

Source: Megalytic

This report tells you how many visitors LinkedIn and other social networks have referred to your website. It also shows you the number of page views, visits, the duration of visits, and the average number of pages viewed per visit. From this information, you can determine which network directed the highest quality of traffic.

Data Hub Activity Report

Source: Search Engine Watch

The data hub activity report shows you how people are engaging with your site on social networks like LinkedIn. You can see the most recent URLs that were shared, how they were shared, and the engagement they ‘produced’.

Social Plug-In Report

The social plug-in report will show you which articles are being shared and from which network.

It’s vital to understanding which sites are driving traffic to your site and to providing insights on how to optimize your marketing approach.

The Social Visitors Flow Report

This report shows you the initial paths that your visitors took from LinkedIn and other social platforms to and from your site. 

The Landing Pages Report

Source: Jeff Sauer

This report shows you the engagement metrics for each URL and includes the number of page views, average visit duration, and the pages viewed per visit.

The Trackbacks Report

Source: aldissandmore

This report shows you which sites are linking to your content and how many visits those sites are sending to you. This can help you determine what content is the most successful so that you can create similar media and build relationships with those interacting with your content.